1Q 2018 Strategy Funds

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

While there are, as ever, many factors that may destabilise global markets in coming months, an inflexion point on North Korea geopolitical risk may be reached by 1Q 2018. We share our thoughts on the possible scenarios on this issue and strategies under the respective situations.
The Good The Bad The Ugly
Diplomatic peaceful resolution (Probability 30%) Old-fashioned deterrence (Probability 40%) War(Probability 30%)
The US engages in negotiations with North Korea, with/without China, Japan, South Korea and Russia. North Korea agrees to terminate its nuclear and missile capabilities. In return, the world would offer the easing of sanctions and other incentives. This is similar to cold war era. North Korea possesses nuclear weapon by 1Q 2018. Trump has argued in the past that South Korea and Japan should arm themselves with nuclear weapons. Tensions will rise among China, South Korea and Japan. The US takes massive military action against North Korea, destroying its known nuclear, missile, and military infrastructure. As no one can be sure that all weapons can be eliminated instantly, the North could still launch limited but devastating attacks against South Korea, Japan and US bases.


  • US Equity – Funds
  • Japan Equity – Funds
    China Xi’s Era
  • China Equity – Fund
    Europe Reflation
  • European Equity – Funds
    India Growth
  • India Equity – Funds
    Election Play
  • Malaysia – Funds
  • Thai, Indonesia - Funds


    Europe Reflation
  • European Equity – Funds
    India Growth
  • India Equity – Funds
    Election Play
  • Malaysia – Funds
  • Thai, Indonesia - Funds


  • Gold Equity – Funds

Goldilocks - US Equity

Name EPF Islamic
Manulife Investment U.S. Equity
RHB US Focus Equity
RHB-GS US Equity

Goldilocks - Japan Equity

Name Focus EPF Islamic
Affin Hwang World Series - Japan Growth Japan

Europe Reflation - European Equity

Name EPF Islamic
AmPan European Property Equities
AmSchroders European Equity Alpha
TA European Equity

India Growth - India Equity – Funds

Name EPF Islamic
Manulife India Equity

Gold - Gold Equity

Name Focus EPF Islamic
RHB Gold And General Gold

Election Play - Malaysia

Name Focus EPF Islamic
Aberdeen Islamic Malaysia Equity A Malaysia
Affin Hwang Aiiman Equity Malaysia
Affin Hwang Aiiman Growth Malaysia
Affin Hwang Equity Malaysia
Affin Hwang Growth Malaysia
Affin Hwang Principled Growth Malaysia
Affin Hwang Select Dividend Malaysia
Affin Hwang Select Opportunity Malaysia
AmanahRaya Islamic Equity Malaysia
AMB Dana Yakin Malaysia
AMB Dividend Trust Malaysia
AMB Ethical Trust Malaysia
AMB Index-Linked Trust Malaysia
AMB Shariah Value Plus A-MYR Malaysia
AMB SmallCap Trust Malaysia
AMB Unit Trust Malaysia
AMB Value Trust A MYR Malaysia
AmDividend Income Malaysia
AmIslamic Growth Malaysia
AmIttikal Malaysia
AmMalaysia Equity Malaysia
AmTotal Return Malaysia
BIMB i Dividend Malaysia
BIMB i Growth Malaysia
Eastspring Investments Islamic Small-Cap Malaysia
Eastspring Investments Dana al-Ilham Malaysia
Eastspring Investments Equity Income Malaysia
Eastspring Investments Growth Malaysia
Eastspring Investments MY Focus Malaysia
KAF Vision Malaysia
Kenanga Growth Malaysia
Kenanga Islamic Malaysia
Kenanga Malaysian Inc Malaysia
Kenanga Premier Malaysia
Kenanga Syariah Growth Malaysia
Libra Amanah Saham Wanita Malaysia
Libra DividendEXTRA Malaysia
Libra EquityEXTRA Malaysia
Manulife Equity Plus Malaysia
Manulife Shariah-Dana Ekuiti Malaysia
MIDF Amanah Dynamic Malaysia
MIDF Amanah Growth Malaysia
MIDF Amanah Islamic Malaysia
MIDF Amanah Strategic Malaysia
Pacific Dana Aman Malaysia
Pacific Dividend Malaysia
Pacific Millennium Malaysia
Pacific Pearl Malaysia
Pacific Premier Malaysia
Pacific Recovery Malaysia
Phillip Master Equity Growth Malaysia
PMB Dana Al-Aiman Malaysia
PMB Dana Bestari Malaysia
PMB Dana Mutiara Malaysia
PMB Shariah Index Malaysia
PMB Shariah Mid-Cap Malaysia
PMB Shariah Small-Cap Malaysia
RHB Capital Malaysia
RHB Emerging Opportunity Malaysia
RHB Equity Malaysia
RHB KLCI Tracker Malaysia
RHB Malaysia DIVA Malaysia
RHB Malaysia Dividend Malaysia
RHB Small Cap Opportunity Malaysia
TA Growth Malaysia