IT Security Policy

Philip Mutual is committed to high standards of security and confidentiality of customer's information. All the information is encrypted using the 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL). We ensure that our portal is secure and safe. Always access Phillip Mutual online transactions.
User ID & Password
We will be providing you a user ID and password to Log in our web site. This user ID and password is unique and encrypted. We advise that you remember your password and change your password frequently. Do not disclose or share your password with anyone.
Unauthorised Access
If you enter your Login password incorrectly for a number of consecutive times, our system will automatically suspend the Login ID to prevent further online access to the Account and protect the Account against unauthorised access. Inactive sessions are also timed out to prevent unauthorised access by any third party.
Phishing Policy
Kindly be advised on the following: -
  • Do not reply or click e-mail links or pop-up messages that ask for personal or financial information;
  • Don't use the email links to perform any online transaction;
  • Always type to access our web portal;
  • Make sure https:// in the browser address bar and a lock icon on the browser's status bar.
Information Protection
Clear Your Browsing History
Clear your browsing history and cache (information stored in your computer memory) each time you log-out to prevent others gaining access to your personal information or online transactions.
Steps to clear the browsing history and cache from your internet explorer:
  1. Open MS Internet Explorer browser;
  2. From the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options" option;
  3. Select"General" tab;
  4. Under the Browsing history, click "Delete..." button;
  5. Under the Temporary Internet Files, click "Delete files..." button to clear the cache;
  6. Under the Cookies, click "Delete cookies..." button to clear the cookies;
  7. Under the History, click "Delete history..." button to clear the browser history.
Disabled AutoComplete
The AutoComplete function on your browser should be disabled to avoid the automatic completion of your ID when you type in user ID.
Steps to disable the AutoComplete function:
  1. Open MS Internet Explorer browser;
  2. From the "Tools" menu, select "Internet Options" option;
  3. Select the "Content" Tab;
  4. Under the AutoComplete, click on the "Settings" button;
  5. Uncheck the "User names and passwords on forms"
Secure Your Computer
  • Frequently update the new features of browsers & windows security updates.
  • Use updated personal firewall software to prevent any unauthorized access to your computer from the Internet.
  • Ensure that you do not provide anyone the opportunity to gain access to your information in your computer.
  • Always Log out if you decide to leave your computer unattended.
  • As an added security feature, automatically logs-out when no activity is detected for a preset period.
  • Do not use the remember password function because this information can be easily accessed by hackers.
  • Avoid downloading free programs not provided by us. These may incorporate hacker-friendly software.
  • Avoid using public or shared computers to perform your transaction.
  • Install anti-virus softwares.
  • Practice log-in regularly to monitor your transactions.

Compliance Team

Phillip Mutual Berhad strives at its best to ensure the company's compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements pursuant to the securities laws and other relevant laws in Malaysia and other industry's best practice.

Compliance/Risk Manager for PhillipCapital Malaysia

En. Ramli Abd Hamid
Head, Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
GL: 603 2783 0300 (ext. 341)
Fax: 603 2783 0399