Whistleblowing policy

PhillipCapital recognises the importance of your concerns about malpractice/wrongdoing and encourage employees, directors and associated persons to raise these at an early stage in an appropriate way.

The procedures contained below should ensure that your concern can be addressed and dealt with internally.  For further information, kindly click and download the policy.

Whistlebowing Policy

Whistleblowing Channels
The whistleblowing channels are as follows:

Borang Pendedahan Integriti dan Penipuan (Malay)
Integrity and Fraud Disclosure Form (English)


Compliance Team

Phillip Mutual Berhad strives at its best to ensure the company's compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements pursuant to the securities laws and other relevant laws in Malaysia and other industry's best practice.

Compliance/Risk Manager for PhillipCapital Malaysia

En. Ramli Abd Hamid
Head, Legal, Compliance & Risk Management
GL: 603 2783 0300 (ext. 341)
Fax: 603 2783 0399
Email: ramli@phillipcapital.com.my