What is a Unit Trust? What does buying a 'unit' means? Is it safe to invest in a unit trust? What is a Deed? Why should I invest in unit trusts? What are the pros and cons in each type of investment/savings vehicles? If you are just trading stocks, why can' t I do it myself? Stock markets are not performing, why should I buy now? What is Dollar Cost Averaging? What if I prefer to manage my own money? What if I prefer to put my money into fixed deposit, which is at no risk? Do I need a lot of money to invest? What is FPX? How much is the maximum amount I can transfer via FPX for my unit trust investments? What rate of return can I expect? What should I consider before investing in a unit trust? Why some of the funds do not declare distribution? Why there is often little or no price appreciation on unit trust prices compared to its initial offer price even after a substantial period? What are unit splits and how do they benefit investors? Why do unit trust prices drop after a cash distribution? Is income received by unit trust funds taxable? Will the fees and charges affect fund's performance? How is the performance of a unit trust fund evaluated? Should I invest in unit trust funds that are ranked at the top of the Performance Tables? What is the main difference between unit trusts and unit-linked funds? There are many unit trust companies in Malaysia, which one should I choose to manage my money? Why have unit trusts grown so dramatically in terms of numbers and scope in the global market?


What is Phillip Master Trust Funds? Why invest in Phillip MASTER Trust Funds? Is your investment profiles best suited/compatible with the funds' objectives? What is Social Responsibility Investment (SRI)? Why should I invest with Phillip Mutual? Who is Trustee of the Phillip MASTER Trust Funds? How do I redeem/repurchase my units? How do I switch Funds? Can I transfer my units holding to another person?