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Our Charges
Fee And Charges
Service Charge
The initial cost that an investor may incur in relation to investing in unit trusts is the initial service charge (sometimes also called the service, sales, front end, entry, or ‘up front’ fee). This fee is levied primarily to cover the marketing and distributing of units as well as monitoring of investments by the unit trust consultant for the duration the unit trusts is held.
Annual Management Fee
Annual management expenses include expense for portfolio management, trustee and custody fees, audit fees, administrative costs and other services properly incurred in the administration of the fund. These costs are paid out of the fund’s assets.
Exit Fee
Sometimes referred to as the repurchase charge or redemption charge. This fee represents a deduction by the fund house from the proceeds of disposal of an investor.
Trustee Fee
The annual trustee fee is a fee paid to the Trustee for the custodial management and administration of a Fund's assets such as transaction settlement, custody and administration costs amongst others.
Special Deals When You Transact via
1. Online Unit Trust Funds
Are all funds that Phillip Mutual distribute under the Institutional Unit Trust Adviser (IUTA) status, can be transacted online?
No. Only participating funds can be transacted online. Please Click here for the list of participating funds
2. Online Sales Charge
What is the online unit trust sales charge?
With, you enjoy lower sales charge of 2% for all participating equity funds and 1% sales charge for bond funds.

What are the funds that participate in the
To check the participating funds, please Click here

If I want to do re-balancing and transfer my existing portfolio to Phillip Mutual , do I have to pay for the initial sales charge again?
No. You pay at Net Asset Value (NAV) during the promotional period as agreed by the participating Unit Trust Management Companies (UTMC).
3. Wider Selection of Funds
With access to over 300 unit trust funds from UTMC, we give you the widest selection of funds in Malaysia.

4. Switching
How many type of Switching is there?

They are 2 types of switching:
a) To funds from the same UTMC. This type of switching will be charged minimal charges.
b) To funds from different UTMCs. This type of switching, will be charged the normal online unit trust charge.
5. Other Offerings
One Single Master Form
For Cash Investment, you just use one master form for Account Opening, Initial Investment, Additional Investment, Switching, redemption, Transfer and Regular Saving.
For EPF Investment, you still use respective UTMCs form and EPF form.

Consolidated Statement
With Phillip Mutual , although you invest in funds offered by various UTMCs, you will only receive one consolidated statement every quarter. Via FAME and , you can access to your portfolios 24/7.